We create a detailed lighting design report based on the specific requirements. The best overall outcome of a lighting installation achievement, carefully combining the appearance, technology, and budget. User experience and breakthrough are our goals.

Incoming Inspection

The regular inspection is conducted at every step of production to ensure accurate electronic parameters and appearance in good condition. The PCB, battery, solar panel and plastic shell are fully checked. The main checking methods are shown as below:

  • Load testing
  • Lighting testing
  • Battery testing

Environmental Testing

IP65 testing. It evaluates rates of waterproof under high temperature and pressure by IPX5 Jet waterproof test chamberHigh and low temperature test. It tests the tolerance of products under actual temperature and humidity environment. (-20.0℃ ~ 60.0℃)

LED Beads Discharge Testing

Our electronics engineers measure current and voltage when LED beads discharge in this part. They aim to ensure LED beads meeting the products electrical specification and the stability of current and voltage.

Battery Testing

It refers to three tests as below:

  • Outdoor exposure
    durability test
  • Accelerated durability
  • Charging cycles
  • Battery capability

Drop And Vibration Testing

Inspector performs the drop test on the packaged products and full boxes from 1.2m. Also, the vibration test was done providing a means to evaluate the packaging and product robustness.

Regular Inspection Before Shipment

Inspectors check the function and appearance of products in quantity before packing. Then Inspectors create the spot checks on products under the AQL before shipping. Once the result fails, the products of this batch will be returned.