We create a detailed lighting design report based on the specific requirements. The best overall outcome of a lighting installation achievement, carefully combining the appearance, technology, and budget. User experience and breakthrough are our goals.

Initial Ideas

This step refers to gaining a full understanding of what the lightning project is intended to develop.we will clarify the needs and study on the feasibility.

  • Decide the lighting method
  • Consider parameters in needs
  • Choose an operation profile
  • Select mounting hardware

Marketing Research

Gaining the customer attitude, behaviours and experiences is initial. Our marketing specialists conduct the marketing data analysis for defining the marketing opportunities and problems.

  • Process the big data for the demographic information.
  • Check the sales volume and reviews from E-commerce.

Cost Accounting

According to the pricing plan, designers work out the overall cost and injection molds cost by the hack push costing method. At this stage, designers minimize the costs under ensuring the products performance.

Detailed Design

The design will be developed according to the customer’s needs, reseach outcome the cost. The PCBA functional testing will be conducted to detect the design issues of structure in the functionality and electrical environment. It results in the optimal integration of solar panel, battery and luminaire.

Project Implementation

The sample will be built to meet your expectation under the optimal decision. The mass production will start as you fully confirm the sample.